Alchemy Integrated Projects LLC is a public health consulting firm specializing in grant writing, program evaluation, and program management. Our focus includes improving maternal and child health, ensuring health equity, developing and implementing evidence based strategies, and supporting sustainable and transferable projects.

Grant Writing Classes

Individual and group grant writing classes provide detailed information to help increase knowledge and skill required to write effective proposals. Classes are customizable to meet your organization’s needs for audiences ranging from conference attendees to board members.

Grant Evaluation

Activities related to planning, data collection, data analysis, and reporting are used to assess goals and objectives of the specified program or intervention outlined in the grant proposal and inform program decisions. Evaluation activities are customizable to meet the needs of the funding source.

Grant Proposals and Applications

Proposals are written to meet organization and funder specifications. Services are customizable to include all or part(s) of the grant application.

Program Management

Program management services include the design, coordination, and implementation of organizational programs. This includes activities such as tracking work plans, developing data collection tools, managing a budget, creating marketing and communication strategies, and performing other activities to meet program- related needs.

Program Evaluation

Multiple approaches, types, and methods are used to assist organizations and departments interested in assessing the effectiveness of policies and procedures, or making evidence- based programmatic decisions.

And More…

Additional services include but are not limited to assessment of data collection needs, development of policies and procedures surroundings data collection and analysis, implementation of data collection plans, development and implementation of research projects, and development of reporting needed to meet organizational needs